At Ark John Archer, we take attendance and punctuality very seriously. We aim to provide your child with the best education we can, every day they are in school. If your child is absent, we cannot teach them.

Punctuality makes a real difference to your child's learning too. It is a habit that is important to form early in life. Children who are late, have often had rushed, stressful mornings. They have to enter class once everyone else is settled, which can be embarrassing. They also miss the crucial introduction to the day's learning. It can take a long time to catch up on even a few minutes missed.

Illness: We know that children fall ill and this may lead to a few days missed from school. Our target for every child is 100% attendance; however the national target of 96% attendance  is attainable with up to 7 days absence from school a year. We believe this is more than enough to cover minor illness and most of our children do much better than 96%. If your child has a slight illness, do please bring them in. We are able to administer pharmacy as well as prescription medicines in school. See our Safeguarding page for more information. We also ask that you try to book medical appointments outside of school hours if possible. If medical appointments are within school hours, do please bring your child into school before and after the appointment.

Religious Holidays: Pupils are entitled to miss school for important religious holidays; however, this is counted as absence when we calculate their attendance percentage. The entitlement is only for the religious holiday itself. If your children miss school on any day before or after the holiday, it is an unauthorised absence.

Click here for our current attendance policy Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2019-2020.pdf