A Writing Challenge

We listened to the Author, Elle Mcnicoll, discuss her motivation
behind writing this book and how important she felt it was to have
heroines in her stories that think and act in a different way to
most people. She explained how there are lots of people like this
all around us and it helps us to understand them and ensure we treat
them with the respect they deserve. After all, none of us are the

This half term, we would like you to get your imaginations going by
writing your own story where the lead character faces challenges in
how they think, speak or act. Elle Mcniccol talked about
neurodivergence, where everybody’s brain works in a different way
and this can affect the way they come across to other people. You
might want to research neurodiversity a bit to get some more
information. The important thing is that your main character should
be incredibly unique and although they may be misunderstood, they
are as normal as any of us, their brain just works in a different
way. Think about all the positives that someone could have if they
process information in a different way to others. What else should
happen in your story… You decide!

Please bring in your work for Tuesday 3rd November 2020.

Writing challenge information

Chelsea FC: Black History Month Challenge - ‘Who We Are'

Ark John Archer have been allocated the Chelsea player,
Callum Hudson-Odoi. Callum was born and raised in Wandsworth, so is a great choice for our school to research and represent! Your
challenge is to create a profile for your allocated player which
must include the following 3 sections:

1. Research and include the following information:

-Date and place of birth

-Nationality and Shirt number

-Chelsea Goals and Chelsea Appearances

-What years did they play for Chelsea between

-Number of cups wins with Chelsea

-Number of International Goals and Appearances 

2. Write a creative piece about your player in a ‘match report’
style, no more than 500 WORDS!

Your report can describe or explain a significant match for the
player whilst they were at Chelsea FC or a particular moment in
their Chelsea career.

3. Design and create an image on the back of our page which
represents a special moment in your players career.

Each school will choose their own winning entry which we will then
use in our ‘Who We Are’ publication.

Entries must be handed in or emailed to the school office on
Tuesday 3rd November.

Year 5 Competition - submit your entry by Monday 5th October


Climate activists! We need you!

Are you the new Greta Thumberg? We want you to write a letter on behalf of, or to, the Earth. Your letter could be to someone of importance
and power such as the Prime Minister or the Queen or it could be directly to the Earth, either apologetic or hopeful for the future.  

Your letter will be displayed outside our classroom and the most passionate, well written piece will receive a mystery prize! Get those
submissions in by Monday 5th October!




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Your child's class teacher or a member of the AJA team will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Where possible, please avoid emailing outside of school hours (7am - 6pm) and at weekends.

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Science: Earth and Space


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