Trips introduction

We continually strive to enrich our curriculum offer and the cultural capital of our pupils through a rich, broad and balanced programme of educational visits and experiences. As the academic year progresses, we continue to seek and grasp new opportunities, keeping our fingers on the pulse of all that the local area and the wider community of London has to offer.  We aim to expose our pupils to different cultures, arts, sports and landmarks - both encouraging and developing the individual passions and interests of our pupils. The table below demonstrates our current programme - this will be further developed and enhanced as we move through the year ahead.

Ark Primary Connections

At Ark John Archer, we want our students to achieve well, but at the same time, build resilience, independence, and character. We work hard to balance two things: helping our students to master the core subjects, whilst also encouraging them to develop other skills and character traits that will allow them to flourish in the wider world.
Alongside knowledge, children’s experiences of the world help shape their understanding, appreciation, and view of it.
In collaboration with all schools across the Ark Network, the Connections Passports below map out the experiences that we believe all Ark children should receive and be entitled to throughout their time in our school and each of our  Primary Academies. Whilst we offer our own variety of experiences which reflect our local context and community, we believe there are a series of ‘essential experiences’ that every single child attending an Ark school should have the opportunity to participate in.
All experiences are a series of interactions and/or connections. It is through making these connections that children engage with and start to understand the world around them. This is also how they make sense of what they see, what they feel and what they experience, which in turn shapes their perception of life and their future role in it.
Our pupils each have their own paper-based pupil passport, comprising all the pupil experiences for each year group. They will receive a sticker for each experience as they achieve them.

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