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Recommended Reading Lists for Each Year Group pt3

Rhymes for letter formation

Easter Reading Challenge!

There really is nothing better than sitting down to read (or laying down before bedtime) and getting ‘lost in a book’.

The joy of being transported to a whole new world - a world of
fantasy, mystery or adventure. Or perhaps to a different location
altogether - a planet, another country, a faraway land or a city
just like ours.

The pleasure of meeting new characters - characters like us or
characters who couldn’t be more different! All with a story to tell.

For many of you, reading is an opportunity to let your imaginations run wild - finding yourselves immersed in a plot with twists and
turns that you could never before have imagined!

I have a challenge for you. Over the Easter holidays many of you
will read 1, 2, 3... or even 4 books - in fact I’m sure some of you will find it hard to stop reading!

Reading in bed.
Reading in the park.
Reading on the bus.
Reading to a friend/sibling.
Reading to a pet.
Reading in the bath.
Reading over breakfast, lunch and dinner!

But...what if you really did ‘get lost in a book’?

Your challenge: Imagine you have fallen into, or have been
transported into, your book. Which characters will you meet? Which
settings will you explore? What will you do to change the course of the plot?

Create a piece of physical art (not on a device) showing what
happened when you got ‘lost in your book’. Use different artistic
strategies inspired by your learning in Art & Design lessons (eg.
paint, drawing techniques, collage, 3D modelling, photography). It
really is up to you to decide how creative and imaginative you want to be!

The bigger the better as I will be choosing some of best artworks to display in our new library!