The Ark John Archer Curriculum

The Ark John Archer curriculum is constructed, developed and refined with one aim in mind - to challenge, remove and overcome potential barriers that may lead to social injustice for our pupils and our wider community, thereby aiding social mobility for all and ensuring equity of access and opportunity. Here at Ark John Archer Primary Academy, we aspire for all of our pupils to reach their full potential both academically and socially and, with this in mind, aim to develop highly aspirational, emotionally literate and knowledgeable individuals who have a genuine passion for learning and a positive sense of identity. From Early Years to Year 6, our curriculum is ambitious for all pupils, while fully aligned to the National Curriculum, providing a broad and balanced diet that we believe will build the foundations on which life-long learners and confident leaders of the future can grow.

Deep rooted within our vision is the need for pupils to be exposed to practical, creative, engaging and challenging opportunities that develop their natural curiosity to learn, broadens their understanding and ‘brings learning to life’. We believe that by working together as one we can provide our pupils with the strong start to their journey in education that they need, and more importantly, deserve.

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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is rooted in 5 key principles:

 Knowledge rich and learning through enquiry

 A holistic approach

 Inspiring joy for learning

 Character curriculum

 Parents as partners

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