We're back with WELLBEING WEDNESDAY #WWAC - will you be this week's Wellbeing Hero?

Tuesday 02 February 2021

Good morning Ark John Archer,

Wellbeing Wednesday is once again upon us. This afternoon is an opportunity for you to step away from your computer and any other devices, and instead, to do something else of your choice. YES...we really are asking you to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!

Last week most of you took on the challenge and we enjoyed seeing the videos/photos of all the great things you got up to! In this week's Values Assembly, Ms Cruddas shared some examples: https://youtu.be/bT6IxoEDv5w as well as celebrating our first Wellbeing Wednesday Heroes!
Will you be a hero this week?

In the true spirit of the Wellbeing Wednesday Afternoon Challenge (#WWAC) you may wish to participate in some of these activities:

Sports & Fitness with Mr McCormick: https://youtu.be/lG-s4eBz19U

Y1 Singing lesson with Mr Logan: https://youtu.be/QpoofTLx-qg
Y2-6 Singing lesson with Mr Logan: https://youtu.be/mWiU4olLtuA

Samba lesson: https://youtu.be/CpJObi-i2ps

Y1-2 Singing assembly [10:30-10:45]: https://youtu.be/4WoB1AUsBuk
Y3-4 Singing assembly [11:00-11:15]: https://youtu.be/3gSgvUPQQbk
Y5-6 Singing assembly [13:30-13:45]: https://youtu.be/z9J4d0CU374

This morning there are learning tasks to complete - so be sure to work hard on these and submit your work to your teacher before signing off for the day! Your teachers will be doing the same.

Years 1-3: submit your Science and Writing
Years 4-6: submit your Arithmetic and History/Geography

Happy Wellbeing Wednesday Team AJA!