Thomas's Schools Foundation Music Scholarship

Music Scholarships for Young Musicians


Thomas’s Schools Foundation in partnership with Wandsworth Schools’ Music, is pleased to offer music scholarships for young musicians who demonstrate significant musical potential and commitment, but for whom financial constraints create a barrier to ongoing study.


The scheme awards funding for up to 4 years (or until the scholar reaches the end of Year 8) for:

  • Sustained high quality instrumental tuition delivered by the Wandsworth Schools’ Music at the Wandsworth Music Academy on Saturday mornings;
  • Instrument hire (if required),
  • Membership of an appropriate Music Academy Ensemble
  • Half term courses (where applicable)
  • Performance opportunities; and
  • A named mentor who liaises between the scholar and family, the Wandsworth Music Service and TSF.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The cost of ongoing tuition and instrument hire is prohibitive for the family.
  • The child is a student in Years 3- 6, attending a school in the L.B. of Wandsworth
  • The child demonstrates musical talent and clear commitment to their own musical development on their instrument
  • The child’s parent/carer commits to actively support the child in all aspects of the scholarship programme.  This includes ensuring regular practice, full attendance at lessons and ensembles and making a £10.00 enrolment contribution per year.

Nomination Process

Our open nomination process invites head teachers, music coordinators, instrumental teachers and other music education professionals to nominate students for a scholarship.

If short-listed, children and their parents/carers will be expected to attend an audition.

Applications must be received by: Thursday 7th February, 2019

Please send applications to Yasmin Ogilvie at

Auditions for short-listed applicants

Auditions will take place on Wednesday 27thth February, 2019 at 5.00 pm at:

Thomas’s Clapham,

Broomwood Road, London SW11 6JZ.                                                                                                      


The audition will be friendly and informal to ensure all children enjoy a positive experience. If chosen for an audition you will be expected to perform a short piece on your instrument.


For successful applicants, tuition will commence in the Summer Term 2019.

If you have any questions about the Programme, please contact Therese Randall Moorhouse.           TSF Music Scholarship Director.  Contact:

Further information about Thomas's Schools Foundation can be found at