Principal's Blog

Principal’s Blog

This term, we have created ‘Kindness Calendars’ for all the pupils at Ark John

Archer to help us consider our school value of kindness. These calendars challenge every child to take part in at least one random act of kindness each day of the week. In assemblies and in class the children have been sharing their acts of kindness and discussing how it feels. We believe that together as one, we can help turn the world into a kinder place. One child in year 3 said, “Anyone can find a kind act to do, even a little thing like smiling at someone, or holding the door open for them. We have been practicing talking about each other’s good bits in class; it’s really difficult to hear good things about yourself but feels good too.”

As a whole school we have been collecting community coins; these can be given out by adults in our school when they see a child demonstrating kindness or good manners or being ‘exemplary’. Every Friday, in our good news assembly, we tally up all our classes’ community coins in our ‘Ark John Archer Totaliser’. The Totalizer keeps a running total of each classes acts of kindness and helps to spread the word and kindness! At half term, the class with the most coins will have a very special treat.

We believe that by reminding the children that kindness matters. Promoting it in this way, they will come to realise that one act can lead to so many more. The more you share, the more people will be inspired to help us turn the world into a kinder place. Scientific studies have shown that kindness has a great number of physical and emotional benefits and that children require a healthy dose of warm fuzzies in order to flourish as healthy, happy, well-rounded individuals. We have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the children’s random acts of kindness. It has been good to remind ourselves that there are countless selfless acts, which result in another’s happiness happening all the time.